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European Individual Award (EIA) a Franca Errani da EMCC

11Aprile 2017
by Franca Errani

Questa è la motivazione (in inglese):

Franca’s application demonstrates a highly competent professional who is reflecting on her practice and providing her clients, programme participants and alumni with a rewarding and supportive experience. She has presented an excellent EIA application, clearly showing the impact of her learning to her Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision practice, and a strong understanding of underpinning knowledge. The main theoretical approach of Franca’s practice is ‘Voice Dialogue’. Her dedication and skill in this respect has been skilfully illustrated in her application, and reinforced in the Professional Dialogue during the assessment process. Throughout her application, Franca conveys a strong desire to learn, and significant level of commitment to the development of her own mentoring and coaching skills, and supervision. How she applies her learning is evidenced very well.

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